Terms of Use

  1. General

Your use of crossborderhealthcare.org and the services and features offered on and through said website (referred herein as “Services”, or a variation thereof) is governed by and subject to these Terms of Use. By using crossborderhealthcare.org and its Services, you are deemed to accept and be bound by these Terms of Service.

The term ‘Services’ includes any information provided on the crossborderhealthcare.org itself, as well as any information provided to the user through phone or e-mail.

If you are for whatever reason unable to enter into this agreement, you must refrain from using our Services in any way, and leave this website now.

The Services here are for the user’s personal, not commercial, use. By using our Services (and thus agreeing to these terms) you state that you are 18 years or older. If you are under 18, please refrain from using our Services.

No agency, etc. , is intended or created by this agreement.

These Terms of Use may change from time to time, without any notice to the public other than posting on this page. Your continued use of crossborderhealthcare.org and our Services constitutes your acceptance of any such changes. We require all users and visitors to read and check this page from time to time for current Terms of Use.

crossborderhealthcare.org reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify, suspend, discontinue or terminate the site, its features and/or services (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You agree that crossborderhealthcare.org will not be liable to you or to any third party for the said modification, suspension, discontinuation or termination.

  1. Nature of the Services rendered

crossborderhealthcare.org provides its users with (legal) information, free of charge. crossborderhealthcare.org is under no obligation  (contractual or otherwise) to answer any questions or comply with any requests made by its users.

  1. Liability

The Services rendered by crossborderhealthcare.org do not in any way constitute legal advice. While crossborderhealthcare.org, or correspondence coming from us, may contain and refer to legal material and commentary, both are meant strictly for information-purposes only. The Service does not contain, nor do we provide in any other shape or form, legal advice. The Service is not intended to create a solicitor-client relationship between you and crossborderhealthcare.org, and does not do so.

crossborderhealthcare.org gives no guarantees regarding the nature, content and accuracy of the information we provide. crossborderhealthcare.org is not liable for any incorrect information or inaccuracies, nor is crossborderhealthcare.org responsible or liable for the usage of this information by the user. The information provided by us is not approved, nor is it checked by, attorneys or paralegals. We strongly suggest you consult a lawyer or other appropriate professional if you want legal advice, or intend to act based on the information presented here.

Every liability for direct and indirect damage suffered by the use of our websites or services is excluded. crossborderhealthcare.org can never be held liable for consequential or indirect loss, such as lost data, computer crashes, damage due to lost savings, loss due to business interruption or lost revenue and / or profits. crossborderhealthcare.org merely supplies information, it is the choice of the user whether this information is used and whether the result and the risk are accepted. If somehow the above complete exclusion of liablity is determined to be invalid by a court of law, crossborderhealthcare.org limits its liability to the amount of 100,00 (one hundred) euros per client. crossborderhealthcare.org excludes any liability for activities performed by third parties. crossborderhealthcare.org may link or refer to third party websites: crossborderhealthcare.org cannot be held liable or accountable for the content of these sites.

Users will indemnify, defend, and hold us and any of our affiliates harmless from any loss, liability, claim and expense, including attorney’s fees, related to a user’s violation of the agreement or terms of crossborderhealthcare.org,

crossborderhealthcare.org is released from any claims and damages arising from disputes between users.

  1. Intellectual Property

crossborderhealthcare.org reserves all rights for all copyrights and other intellectual property rights for products (information and commentary) manufactured by crossborderhealthcare.org.

The user is expressly forbidden to reproduce, disclose or exploit any methods, advice, (model) contracts and other intellectual products of crossborderhealthcare.org (Website or Services) in the broadest sense of the word.

  1. Applicable Law and Disputes

The relationship between the user and crossborderhealthcare.org is governed exclusively by Dutch law. All disputes arising out of this relationship will be exclusively settled by the qualified Dutch court.

If a part of these Terms of Service becomes invalid in a court of law, the rest of this agreement stays in full force and effect.

  1. Closing

The last time these terms were modified / updated was on the 1st of Januari, 2016.